vastu for residential



vastu for residential

Each and every human being in this world aims for a happy and prosperous home. Home is not only a building made out of bricks, but it is place where memories are created, where moments are lived to the fullest.

But sometimes, this home becomes a resident of stress, anxiety. We realize there are disputes among family members; there is absence of prosperity while health related problems are quite frequent.

Some commonly heard issues in a home are:

  • Absence of peace and happiness and more disturbance
  • Failure in everything work or professional life 
  • Conflict in the house.
  • Huge financial losses.
  • Repeated ailments.

Vaastu Shastra is an old science that brings an amalgamation of content and success. A Vaastu expert can act as a doctor for a house that is a patient of negative energies.

My guru has given some recommendations for residential places .If followed; one can get a lot of progress in life:

vastu for home

  • Placement of each and every room should be in a favorable direction. For the kitchen, the South-East corner is suitable while the North-East direction is for the main door.
  • Always keep the centre of the room free from any kind of loads like pillars, beams and water bodies.
  • The toilet shouldn’t be in the North-East, North or the East direction.
  • Decorate walls with the paintings of nature, prayers or temples for peace but not in the North-East direction.
  • Do not place cactus or a red flower plant inside the house.
  • If you have any problem please contact us my whatsapp No. 91-7398470860

Sarvesh Astrologer Vastushastri

Astro Vastu Sarvesh (AVS) का उद्देश्य लगो की जनम कुंडली से निकलने वाली ऊर्जा और उस व्यक्ति के मकान से निकलने वाली ऊर्जा के बीच तालमेल बैठाना ही है, ताकि वो व्यक्ति मकान के बजाय "सुख और समृद्ध घर" मे रहे। इंसान के सोच से कर्म का निर्माण होता है, और कर्म से ही भाग्य का निर्माण होता है, AVS आपके कर्म को जागृत करते है और आप अपने भाग्य को।

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